Wednesday, August 28, 2013

adding full screen pics each contact iphone

Harder way: go to the "Contacts" tab while in the Phone application. click on the contact you want to change, and click "Edit" in the top right corner. now click "Add Photo" in the upper left. click "Choose Existing Photo", choose the pic you want, resize and move it to your liking and click Set Photo. rinse and repeat.

and you're done. now whenever someone calls you you can easily see who it is even if you cant read their name.
this works especially well for people you know by face but maybe not by name, or, like in my case this past Saturday, you're at a party and you meet a chick and get her number, but wait, you dont remember her at all. well, go to your iPhone's camera's photos and find out, then add her pic to the number she gave you, and bam, you wont forget what she looked like in 3+ days when you call her back. (luckily she was a 8.5-9 WITHOUT beer goggles)

hope this helps, i was worried at first that all my contact pics were showing up tiny as he!!, but now i'm really happy that they are all fullscreen.

ps: its really cool when showing off your iPhone to your friends and you say "call me" and when they do you can show them that their pic shows up real big! adds more WOW to the iPhone's wow-ness

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