Wednesday, August 28, 2013

adding full screen pictures each contact iphone

you can go into the Address Book application on a Mac and drag and drop every contact's picture, BUT doing so will only show up as a TINY icon when that person calls you. it is useless to try to figure out who's calling using this method.

SO, there are two ways to make the picture show up on the entire screen when they are calling. but first, you must have some-what good resolution pics of the contacts you want to add photos for. i'm younger, so i used facebook to gather all the pics of my friends and then used old pics for family and such.
i suggest just getting pics of as many contacts as you can and copying them into a separate folder and be sure you sync that folder to your iPhone thru iTunes.

Easy way: after you sync and transfer the pics to your phone, go to the "Photos" app and select the folder you added (i used "Contact Pics"). click the first pic so it goes into single photo view, and then click the button on the lower left. if you dont see any buttons, touch anywhere on the screen ONCE and they will show up. now click "Assign to Contact" and choose the contact you wish to assign it to. now you can move, scale, resize the pic to your needs, and then click "Set Photo".
then proceed to the next pic and repeat. i was able to go thru all 211 of my contacts fairly quickly surprisingly enough.

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