Wednesday, August 28, 2013

how to iphone tips quick url bar accessories

I just found this today and thought it was a really useful feature. I was reading TUAW on my iPhone and got to the bottom of their news feed and wanted to go to another site. I was beginning to scroll back up to the top to get to the URL entry field and accidentally hit the top bar, the one with AT&T and signal strength and the time and battery life and found myself at the top of the page staring right at the URL field. So amazingly simple and brilliant.

In short:

1. You're at the bottom (or anywhere) of a webpage on your iPhone and want to go to the URL field.
2. Tap the top bar with the time and battery life indicator.
3. Boom! You're at the URL entry field!

I hope this isn't a repeat post and that you find this useful!

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