Wednesday, September 4, 2013

how to sync iphone hotmail email

by coincidence I found a way to forward Hotmail messages to any mail account for free (a.k.a Windows Live Mail).
With a standard free Hotmail account you can only forward e-mails to, or live.** accounts.
Unfortunately you can't forward to Gmail or any other e-mail account.

Still I managed to forward my Hotmail messages to Gmail without using any 3rd party app or proxy!
With this trick you can forward your Hotmail messages to any e-mail account of your choice to use its pop3 or IMAP access functionality.
This will allow you to read your Hotmail on your iPhone using the standard mail application.
The trick is to sign up with Microsoft for Hotmail SMS "mobile alerts".
Strangly this will give you the option to forward mail to any mail account.
Usually you have to pay 25p per sms e-mail alert when receiving a new Hotmail message.
The good thing is that you can switch off the "mobile alerts" after signing up. By doing so, you will never receive an sms alert, so no added costs!

While signing up there's no need to enter credit card or bank account information.
You will receive 1 sms to activate the sms mobile alert functionality, but that's all!

Please note that the button and link tags might differ slightly from what I translated. I did however change the language of my Hotmail account to English to make sure that most of the information is accurrate

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