How to save battery on Xperia Z Ultra

There are ways to conserve Xperia Z Ultra battery life, but many of them involve turning off services and features, which makes it a choice between all the cool things that the Xperia Z Ultra can do and having enough juice to do them.

Here are tips to help you extend your Xperia Z Ultra battery life.

I discovered one thing that absolutely killed my battery life:

Setting Wi-Fi Sleep Policy to When screen turns off. Don’t do this!

Make sure it is set to Never sleep or else it will power the Wi-Fi radio on/off every time it needs to sync something.

On my Xperia Z Ultra Captivate this can be found under
Settings -> Wireless and network -> Wi-Fi Settings -> MenuKey:Advanced

Dump the widgets

Yes, widgets are a key part of Android, and we’re trying to keep this guide practical and not simply tell you to nuke everything, but do you really need a constantly updating Facebook widget on a Home screen? It’s just full of boring people’s boring baby photos these days anyway, and updating widget content puts a constant strain on your battery throughout the day, even if you just activate your phone for a few seconds to check a text message.

Use Dark Themes

If available and possible, prefer dark themes on your phones. Idea is to minimize the white or non-black colors on your display as much as possible. Remember: Anything bright will consume more battery.

Switch Off GPS

Unless you’re one of those sports buffs using fitness apps for running and cycling, or an avid Foursquare user who tells the world where they are by checking in, it may be better to switch off your GPS to increase the battery life.

Signal Strength

When signal strength is low, the mobile battery will dry soon. Make sure you have good signal strength in your locality.


Absolutely keep Bluetooth turned off unless you’re using it. Security reasons aside, it’s a huge battery drain and, for most of us, a fairly unused feature.

Wi Fi

Wi Fi is present in most of the Android mobile phone, infact you can live on Android mobile phone without 3G or Wi Fi connectivity. Turn off your Wi Fi whenever you don’t need them. These settings are available in Home > Menu > Settings and then go to Wireless and Networks.

End or Kill Processes

There are few apps which would continuously run on your mobile phone. Now the twist here is, instead of running unnecessary apps, you can end or kill them if you are not using them continuously.

Watch your battery usage under

Settings -> About Phone -> Battery -> Battery Use. This will show you what has been using the battery since it was last charged. (So it shows nothing while charging!) If anything unexpected is using the battery, consider replacing it with another app or service.

Disable Google Maps location reporting:

The simplest and easiest way to save battery on Android is to disable the continuous location reporting in Google Maps. It also does not need rooting. Location reporting is enabled by default in all Android phones and it uses the GPS and the data connection. This makes it one of the biggest battery consumers in your phone.

To disable Google Maps location reporting:

Open the Google Maps app.
Go to the Settings.
Select Location Settings.
Uncheck the “Report from this device” option.

Disable Mobile data when not needed:

Mobile data drains more battery life than the Wi-Fi and disabling the Mobile data when not needed is a great deal to save battery.

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