Top Android app 2014

This list isn’t about the apps that everyman and his dog has – the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and WhatsApp-type apps of the world. No, this one’s focused on the apps that might have slipped under your radar, the lesser known but equally useful applications available inside Google Play, that make your Droid all the more useful in everyday scenarios.

App video clips on android

JumpCam lets users compose videos and solicit clips from friends to build a well-rounded collection of any specific event. Up to 30 clips can be added, each one lasting up to 10 seconds. The app works with all devices running Android 4.0 and above.

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keyboard app on android

is one of the most intuitive keyboards you can download for your Android devices. The predictive text is phenomenal, and there’s even a tablet version which offers a split keyboard for landscape mode.

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App Voice on android

Google Voice integrates seamlessly with your Android phone, giving you a single number that can ring through to as many devices as you like. Hand it out to whomever, and use the service’s spam and blocking filters to protect your privacy. You can also use Google Voice make cheap international calls, but my favorite features are sending and receiving free text from any device—even my desktop PC.

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App calendar on android

The calendar-style grid lets you jump back in time through the archives, and you can listen to a full-length, ad-free song for each artist, while perusing biographies, videos, and more. The music is streamed directly from 955 Dreams’ servers, and the company works with labels and the musicians to secure the rights to stream featured artists.

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App better battery life on android

is a must-have app for anyone who wants to get better battery life from their Android device. There are three different versions—one free and two paid—to give you the right amount of adjustments to fit your needs.

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App NumberBlock calls texts on android

Keep getting bugged by marketing calls? Need a few hours off without the constant barrage of contact from work? Ex boyfriend or girlfriend who doesn’t know when to stop? Here’s where Mr Number-Block steps in to save the day. He allows you to block specific numbers from calling and texting, a specific area code or everybody you know. There are also features that allow you to report spam calls and SMS messages to help warn the wider community.

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App photo capture editing on android

The photo-capturing and editing app comes with a range of customization options to transform photo into a comic character. It uses facial recognition to paste your face onto comic caricatures, and you get to make edits after that happens. You can alter the shape of your face, get a different hairstyle and eyebrows, and choose from 200 post-editing templates.

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Display calendar on android app

is the most feature laden calendar you can get. Between the widgets and easy change from month to week day view and drag-and-drop appointment changing, there isn’t much Business Calendar can’t do.

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