Tricks the keyboard shortcut for blackberry

Quick navigation can be got thru shortcut keys in almost all native apps. There are Blackberry tips have been available such as home screen shortcuts, browser shortcuts, message screen shortcuts and so on.

But are you notice that it can be a lil bit frustrating when you try a new app without shortcuts? In the beginning you may think it seems like to have shortcut but turns out to be not (like some Twitter applications).

Email and Messaging

In the Message List

  • (Some of these work in tasks, memos, and appointments also)
  • Sorting:
  • ALT-i: show only incoming mail
  • ALT-o: show only outgoing mail (messages you have sent – i.e. checkmark icon)


  • t: go to top of message listing
  • b: go to end/bottom of message listing
  • backspace: close message listing and return to home screen (ribbon)
  • Deleting multiple messages at once:

Highlight a date (i.e. Fri, Oct 05,2001) in the message list, hit the thumb-wheel and select delete prior. All messages prior to that date will be deleted.

Hold down the CAP key and use the thumb-wheel to scroll up or down to select messages. Click the thumb-wheel and select ‘Delete Messages’. Combine this with a sorting tip to make it even more useful (i.e. To delete the last 5 messages that you have sent (checkmarks), press ‘ALT’ then the letter ‘o’ (for outgoing) this will show all of your sent messages, then per this tip scroll down and select the last five.

Tips Email and Messaging

Insert a period

When typing in an email or text message, press the space bar twice. In a web address, press the spacebar once.
Insert the @ sign

When typing in an email address, press the space bar.
Use spell check
Use spell check

Eliminate typos! In the device options, click on Spell Check and set your preferences.
Capitalize a letter

Hold the letter key until the capitalized letter appears.
Highlight text

Press the Shift key and scroll across the text with the trackball.
Cut/Copy text

Highlight text and then click the trackball. Click Cut or Copy.
Paste text

After you have cut or copied text, place the cursor where you want to paste it. Click the trackball and click Paste.
View messages

To view only received messages in a message list, press the Alt key and the I key (press the 3 key if you have a SureType device). To view only sent messages, the Alt key and the O key (press the ? key if you have a SureType device). Click the Escape key to view all messages again.
Separate messages

Separate text and email messages into their own message lists. In a message list, click the Menu key and click Options. Click General Options and set the SMS and Email Inboxes to Separate.

Composing Message

  • Press and hold a letter to capitalize it (with Key Rate enabled).
  • Press the SPACE key twice to insert a period and capitalize the next letter.
  • Press the SPACE key to insert the “@” and “.” characters in an Email field. Backspace and type again to over-ride this like you would with AutoText.
  • Press and hold a letter key and roll the thumb-wheel to scroll through international/accent characters, equation symbols and other marks.


  • Press T to go to “Today” in the Calendar screen.
  • Press G to go to a specific date in the Calendar screen.
  • The default date range for Calendar synchronization in Desktop Manager may not suit most people. While configuring the Calendar synchronization, click the Advanced button and specify the desired range.

Battery Care & Feeding

  • A new battery should be charged fully, then depleted to red-line. Repeat for 2-3 cycles to condition the battery.
  • Charge the phone nightly. Frequent top-offs are better for a LiIon battery than deep discharges. Consider a charging pod.
  • Set the clock option for When Charging: Enter Bedside Mode. This dims the outer screen and turns off LED notifications.
  • Once in a great while, red-line the battery. This recalibrates the battery meter.
  • The Options screen has a more accurate reading than the battery meter. Settings->Options->Status.

Geek Tips

Rather than looking at the bars, you can change the display of the ‘percentage of battery remaining’ and the ‘signal strength’ to read in real numbers. While at the home screen (ribbon), hold down the orange ALT key while you type DBON. The bars should change to read numbers. For the ‘signal strength’, if you are in the 100 area (that means -100 dBm), you will be transmitting at maximum power (2 Watts), and since coverage is hit and miss at this weak a signal, you may end up transmitting many times before the packets make it through. This might help explain any poorer than normal battery life.

To get the bars back: While at the home screen (ribbon), hold down the orange ALT key while you type DBOF.

Hold down the orange ALT key -AND- the CAP key at the same time, then the letter ‘b’. This will show you the ‘Device Status’ screen with extended battery info and other stuff. This tip should work from any screen.

Hold down the orange ALT key -AND- the CAP key at the same time, then the letter ‘r’. This will show you the ‘Radio Status’ screen. Clicking on some of the info opens up news windows. Pressing the letter ‘p’ while on the ‘Radio Status’ screen sends a packet to the system which will send your BB an acknowledgement in return.

This is useful if you are in a weak signal area and want to stop your BB from searching for other sites. You can do this and your BB might stay there long enough to let you send that message that you might normally be in a too weak of an area to send. Also, pressing the letter “b” on this screen will get you the same ‘Device Status’ screen as tip #3 above. This tip should work from any screen.

Application Tips

  • Update your BlackBerry to the latest firmware. Newer firmware often incorporates battery-saving tweaks.
  • Always exit applications using Menu->Exit or Menu->Close. Forgotten applications running in the background will leech your battery. While holding down the Alt key, press Escape then scroll left/right to see the running applications.
  • BerryWeather: set updates as infrequent as tolerable. Menu->Settings, “Auto Update” and “Advisory Auto Update”.
  • E*Trade Mobile Pro: disable streaming quotes
  • Slacker: cache stations on your microSD card instead of streaming them OTA.
  • WeatherBug: set updates as infrequent as tolerable. Settings->Options->WeatherBug Settings, Menu->Advanced Settings.

Tips and Tricks Video – Shortcuts

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